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At Lemon Law Help, we can help you receive payment for your defective lemon vehicle.

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Industry-leading verdicts for vehicle owners across California

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Lemon Law Help by Knight Law Group’s record verdicts and industry-leading settlements have ensured that automakers take their California lemon law obligations seriously. To begin with, our multilingual team of lemon law professionals is well-versed in consumer rights and will gladly explain the ins-and-outs of the lemon law process to any first-time clients. With our help, you can get the remedy that you deserve. Learn more about our stellar team of California lemon law attorneys.

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How Do I Know If My Car is a Lemon?

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    The car experiences recurring problems

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    These problems affect the car's use, safety or value

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    Problems are not the result of abuse or poor maintenance

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    Those problems are not resolved within a reasonable number of repair attempts

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Our team of experienced attorneys has earned a reputation as the top defender of California lemon law rights. Specifically, we earned the #1 lemon law verdict in 2017 and 2018, with settlements well above what other lemon law firms secure for their clients.

We fight for you. Our expert team of California lemon law attorneys works around the clock to help you get out of your defective vehicle and get your money back!

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WHAT OUR Clients Say

I had the BEST experience with Knight Law Group. I purchased a 2011 Chevy Cruze which turned out to be a lemon. It had nothing but problems from the time I drove it off the lot. I took it in for mechanical repairs repeatedly and the problems continued. They managed my case against GM from start to finish with great communication and customer service. The end result was so worth it. We settled the case and I am extremely happy with the results. If you believe you have a lemon, I HIGHLY recommend contacting Knight Law Group. They will take care of you!


This is an excellent law firm and handled all the details of my case against GM successfully when I was sold a defective 2018 Chevy Bolt and also back in 2013 with the recalls on my Chevy Volt. Angie Lopez and Daniel Kalinowski were phenomenal. They took care of everything! I was awarded a wonderful settlement each time and I highly recommend this law firm. If you are having any trouble with your vehicle, give them a call! They are kind, caring, courteous, very knowledgeable, and experienced!


I just want to say thank you to the Knight Law Group for helping me out with my Ford Mustang 2014. The engine broke up with 18,000 miles, but before then, they changed the cluster twice so I decided to apply for the Lemon Law. Yvette Ybarra and her team helped me out to get a compensation and return the car to Ford Motor Company. Thank you for your help.


It is a rare occasion in this day and age when you get this level of service from anyone. Lisa Higgins from Knight Law was with me from the very beginning of the process till the very end. She was able to help me get the buyback agreement from GM that fully compensated me for any damages resulting from the faulty car. I highly recommend Knight Law team for any lemon law cases.

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