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How long does lemon law process take? Well, overall, a major component to any lemon law case is the frequency and nature of the repair visits. Generally, your repair visits need to occur during the manufacturer’s warranty period to obtain relief under the lemon law. Firstly, your repair visit is covered by the warranty, and you should have pay nothing out-of-pocket.

When you bring your car in for repairs, make sure to report all concerns that you experience with your vehicle. In addition, repair order documents should specifically detail all of the issues reported and all of the work performed on your vehicle during those visits.

Furthermore, you should receive a copy of your repair order at the end of each repair visit. If you have not received get your repair orders at the end of your visit, contact the dealership where the repair was performed and request copies.

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During your consultation, you are asked about your vehicle (its year, make and model) and about the problems you have experienced. If you experience a particular problem with your vehicle for instance, then the same or similar problem can exist in many other vehicles of the same make or model.

Should you contact our office, you can ask any questions you have about your vehicle and your California Lemon Law rights. We have helped tens of thousands of Californians with their lemon vehicles and at last obtain the recovery they deserve. In addition, our multilingual team can further explain the ins-and-outs of the lemon law process.

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Choosing a California lemon law attorney is a major decision. The right lemon law representation will make the difference between getting what you deserve versus getting less than what your case is worth. Therefore, you should ask yourself (and the firm) the following questions:

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    What is the firm’s record in obtaining favorable outcomes in lemon law cases?

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    Does the firm have significant experience in litigating cases against your auto manufacturer?

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    Are there any fees that the lemon law attorney requires you to pay upfront or out-of-pocket?

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    Has the lemon law firm taken the time to listen to your story? Have all of your questions been thoroughly discussed and answered?

Lemon Law Help has indeed achieved record-breaking results in its California lemon law cases, securing multi-million dollar trial verdicts in 2017 and 2018 and negotiating favorable settlements for our clients.

Know What to Expect in a Lemon Law Claim

How long do lemon law cases take? Well, once you retain Lemon Law Help to represent you, our firm will file a lemon lawsuit on your behalf. Not all cases go to trial, as settlement can happen at any time during the process. While most of our cases do not go to trial, we will regardless take whatever action is necessary to obtain maximum recovery under the law. In addition, our trial experience against auto manufacturers in California lemon law cases is unparalleled. As long as auto manufacturers fail to fulfill their affirmative duties to California consumers, we will continue to fight for our clients’ lemon law rights.

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