If your Ford has repeated problems that won’t go away, we can help.

Once marketed as “built Ford tough,” Ford vehicles have experienced a sharp decline in quality over the years. Issues with Ford vehicle design and engineering have resulted in piling class action lawsuits and recalls. For this reason, you could qualify for a Ford lemon law case.

Ultimately, Ford vehicle owners and lessees face the brunt of poor quality control; defects in steering and transmissions are turning these vehicles into lemons.

If your Ford is defective, then you may be legally entitled to a lemon case under the California lemon law. For instance, you might be eligible to a replacement vehicle, or a Ford lemon law buyback.

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Ford Transmission Issues

Lemon Law Help have received reports of recurring transmission problems in several Ford models. For example, these models include Ford F-150, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford Mustang, Ford Ranger, Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator.


  •  Wrench Light is on
  •  Clunking or banging noise when starting engine
  •  Jerking or lunging
  •  Slipping or bucking
  •  Rough, harsh or erratic shifting
  •  Hesitation between gears
  •  Gear getting stuck
  •  Delayed downshifting
  •  Sudden or delayed acceleration
  •  Transmission failure

If your Ford experiences recurring transmission issues that the auto manufacturer or repair shop cannot resolve within a reasonable number of attempts, your Ford may be a lemon. Given that, if this is the case you can be eligible for a Ford lemon law case.

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If you find that your Ford has seemingly unfixable problems, you have four years from when the defect first appeared before you lose your chance to file a lemon law claim. However, certain situations can make that deadline even stricter. If you take advantage of our free consultation, you’ll take an important first step to preserving your consumer rights at the same time.

Should you file a Ford lemon law claim and win, you may be able to receive a vehicle replacement or a lemon law buyback. On top of that, the auto manufacturer would have to pay for your attorneys’ fees and costs. Most cases at Lemon Law Help by Knight Law Group result in lemon owners receiving a lemon law buyback, plus additional cash compensation.

Most important, if you receive a Ford lemon law buyback, you receive a full refund of amounts paid or payable to your vehicle, minus an offset that is based on the mileage at the time the defect first arose. Therefore, the sooner the defect appeared in your vehicle, the more the auto manufacturer would likely owe you for your lemon.

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