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Top 8 KIA Issues

Unfortunately, auto manufacturers will sometimes release faulty cars, trucks and other vehicles to the public. Kia is no exception. Because of this, owners of Kia vehicles should look out for the following signs:

  •  Engine Failure
  •  Oil Sludge Build-up
  •  Transmission Failure
  •  Lack of Acceleration
  •  Engine Light Turns On
  •  Complete Power Lost
  •  Engine Stalls While Driving
  •  Engine Catches Fire

If these symptoms or any other vehicle problems repeatedly appear, your Kia may be a lemon. Learn more about lawsuits against Kia Motors to find out what the lemon law can do for you. In particular, if you want to seek legal remedies from your auto manufacturer, we suggest to consult an attorney to discuss your lemon law rights.

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KIA Lemon Law Litigation

Multidistrict litigation alleged that some Kia vehicles would suddenly burst into flames while on the road. These vehicles, which included 2011–2019 Optimas, 2012–2019 Sorentos and 2011–2019 Sportages, were equipped with supposedly defective Theta II 2.0-L or 2.4-L gasoline direct injection engines. Allegedly, these engines often failed and were linked to the spontaneous car fires. As a result, Kia and its parent company had to set aside close to $760 million for payments as part of a settlement agreement.

Additionally, Kia Motors was also sued after a defective ZF TRW airbag installed in a Kia Forte resulted in a passenger sustaining a traumatic brain injury. The lawsuit, which targeted Kia, its company, other automakers and ZF TRW, alleged that the airbag control units locked up and failed to deploy the airbags during collisions.

Along with Kia as a division, Hyundai Motor Company also controls Hyundai. Read the other division’s page to learn more about Hyundai Motor Company’s misconduct via its other brands.

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